2008: day 10 on our trip out west

Our stay here out west has come to an end, all our bags are packed and ready to go. That day was the only time we will be going around Seattle since we had an evening flight. Put all our stuff in my brother's rented Suburban and took a ferry to Seattle.

We went up the Space Needle and around its vicinity. Took some pictures and we said our thank yous and then off we went to the airport. Would have been nice to stay longer and explore more of Seattle but I guess next time.

2008: day 7 on our trip out west

Just after we arrived at my brother's home in Silverdale, WA, we slept and left for British Columbia the next day by way of Port Angeles, WA. We visited the famous Butchart Gardens and afterwards spent the night over.

2008: day 6 on our trip out west

After a day with friends in San Francisco, we spent the night somewhere in California on our way back to Seattle. Early morning of the next day we headed back to Seattle but not without stopping by Jolibee (Filipino counterpart of McDonalds).

2008: day 5 on our trip out west

Our last day in California. We were to meet my brother and his family in San Francisco. Our host, Stephanie and Argee drove us from Modesto to Frisco. It was a foggy day at the top of the mountain. Also an added bonus was seeing Ver and his family. We spent time together at the Golden Gate bridge and dined at the fisherman's wharf.

We said our goodbye's and our thanks to our host and Ver and family. We drove back to Washington that same day.

2008: day 4 on our trip out west

Funny thing, my brother and his family had to attend a wedding in San Francisco while it was fortunate that my wife's close friend offered us to stay at their huge house in Modesto. We visited Yosemite National Park and one day trip was not enough. I would like to go back there and probably would stay longer. Still trying hard to learn how to shoot better.