How Did I Start in Photography

Time flies! This picture of my daughter was taken 14 years ago. That year was the start of my expensive hobby, which was photography. I would thank or should I say blame a high school classmate of mine, Wilfredo.

That year, just after going back to the Philippines the previous year after 10 long years, my father-in-law suddenly died.

My wife needed to go back to the Philippines for her dad’s funeral. She took our camera on her trip back. That same month, my daughter was having a band concert at school. My wife was coming back home after the event, I needed a camera to capture the event. I decided that I can grab one and then planned to return it since we did not need to cameras.

I went online and did some research. Instead of me searching for a point and shoot cameras, I looked for DSLR. My search led me to Sony A-200, decent review and a good entry level camera that did not break the bank. I thought that DSLR was great to get and to feel the difference with the point and shoot one.

I saw that Bestbuy carried it and it came bundled. I went to Bestbuy the next day and grabbed the bundle: body; one 28-70 mm lens; batteries; flash and a camera bag (which was only used ones and discarded, this story for next time). I was really returning the purchase after I was done using it, but I saw pictured posted online taken by my high school classmate. His pictures taken at Death Valley were amazing. I thought to myself, my purchase was reasonable, and it has a 0% interest payable in 24 months (not bad at all).

Going back to the above picture, it was my test shot after the purchase. My daughter was riding a bike and just snapped this picture. I did not know what my camera settings were  or if I even had the format in JPG or RAW. I was just testing the gear at that time. I found out later after I downloaded my test shots that I had a keeper, a photo and a gear.

The picture info was as follow: F/6.3; 1/60 sec; focal length 30mm; ISO 100; no flash