College Reunion – Mini

It has been ages since I have seen my college classmates. Some I’ve seen after graduation and others during our class pictorial. I was thankful that my Toronto based classmates organized this mini get together several months in advance. Dinner was set on the 3rd of July 2022 at Pinoy Grill and Restaurant.

I drove to Niagara the day before. I like to drive than fly because I get to see more and I am in control, I can go fast or slow, I can take a straight route or a scenic one (I chose the latter). The drive was wonderful until I get to the border. It was crowded and it was a good thing I got there before the rest of America thought of spending their 4th of July weekend in Canada.

I arrived at Comfort Inn at Fallsview just about dinner time and I was dismayed because the room was not worth the price I paid, specially after I saw one of my classmates room at the Hilton at Fallsview (a stone throw away from mine). Dropped my bag in my room and just went out and walked about around Fallsview, and my classmates were not in the area yet. Some were in Toronto and will be driving tomorrow and others were still on their way. Decided to grab a take out Japanese dinner and head back to my room to eat and catch up on my games. Not to mention to check in with my better half.

The following day was a busy one. Got myself ready and head out to grab some complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Went back to my room to ready my camera gear, it has been ages since I have used them, before I head out to our meeting place. Since it was still early I did some more walking. Grabbed a cup of java from Starbucks and a bottled water. When I head to our meeting place I was thinking was it outside between the casino and the Hilton hotel or was it inside. I saw Sharon and Karina, then I thought I guess I was right. We hugged and the obligatory selfies (for the life of me I cannot be as good as them taking selfies). It was also the reason why I took up photography, I always wanted the person behind and not in front. The next one who arrived was Prudelaine and her hubby Jay. We went to the food court since others were coming in later for the dinner. After some lunch we decided to walk along the falls and took pictures, and of course caught up with each other while strolling.

Went back to their hotel at the Hilton to check in. While we were waiting at the lobby for their check in, other classmates came in who were also checking in the same hotel (everyone but me). Okay let me list down the names and hope not to miss one: Bob and Imelda; Christeta; Antoinette; Evelyn; and Alfred and better half Lourdes. Grabbed some obligatory shots of the group and then went up to Alfred and Lourdes’ room at the 38th floor. It was an awesome view overlooking the falls, but was not thrilled because I was afraid of heights (could not even go near the huge floor to ceiling windows). Then headed down and went to drive to our dinner.

At the restaurant, classmates who were there: Joselito; Freddie and better half Elisa; May and hubby Victor. The restaurant was closed just for us, awesome. Got to talk to all of them while taking a lot of pictures. Dinner was served, Alfred L. said a thanksgiving prayers before we ate. Enjoyed the food and there were so much. We were still waiting for a couple of people who were running late.

We realized that we did not have alcohol for the after dinner, Alfred, Freddie and myself went out and searched for alcohol. It seems that liquor store closes early on a Sunday. Only alcohol we found was beer with 0.5% alcohol (did not know there was such a thing, I guess it’s a Canadian thing). We grabbed a few boxes just the same, better than nothing, and headed back to the restaurant. As we pulled in, we saw Pearl and Robert who just arrived.

They ate dinner while catching up with the whole group. After their dinner, did a lot more picture taking and a lot more college reminiscing. We left the restaurant around 10PM and continued the party at the 38th room at the Hilton (or was it 32nd). I called it a day around 2AM the next day, to get ready for our picnic that same day. Walked back to Comfort Inn, while they just need to take the elevator to get to their own rooms. Lesson learned, next time I will be taking the same hotel they are taking. Click here for the reunion pictures.