deptford high school winter concert

deptford high wind ensemble

deptford high wind ensemble

This was taken during the school’s winter concert last year. The school featured two vocal groups and several bands. My daughter played flute in the wind ensemble. Aside from playing concerts in school, they also joined several competitions. Kudos to their music teachers, they were so supportive of their students and the program. Despite the fact that the district cut down the funds for music, they have been putting in their own money to purchase things for the program. It has paid a lot for the program because the bands were doing well in state wide and national competitions, the Jazz Ensemble has been a three consecutive year champion at Berkley.

My daughter plays second chair in flute. She’s been playing this instrument since grade school. She’s so diligent practicing at home every chance she has, specially when performance, either for competition or concert, is getting closer.

I did not take a lot of pictures because I was enjoying myself in the concert. The above photo was taken from a distance in a really low light condition. I had to crank up the ISO and just deal with the noise in the post process. I could not use flash because it’s useless when you are far from the subject. Please click here to see other pictures.

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