day 1 of our 2013 orlando vacation


universal studios krustyland

Technically, last year’s Christmas was our second time to have our holiday on the road. The first time was years ago when we visited my wife’s friend up in Maine and we drove back New Year’s eve and celebrated new year on the road.

Last year we agreed to drive down to Florida with our dog, Cooper. We decided to take a much needed vacation and the only time we have in common was the holiday. The kids were on vacation and I did not have trouble taking time off from work. There were three drivers alternating for the trip and it was just fine driving the speed limit or should I say following the traffic. We dropped Cooper at a kennel before we head to our time share condo which was situated minutes away from Disney and half an hour away from Universal Studios.

We rested awhile in the condo and took an anticipated mass that day because our first day to do the attractions was on a Sunday.

Our first stop was Universal Studios because we had a dinner reservation at Lombard’s Landing. We did the dinner reservation because of the closing show and I was told that they may limit the number of guests in the attraction, having a dinner reservation guaranteed us entrance to the park (they lied, the park was crowded and they were not counting how many went in the park). Only to find out that you could have seen the show anyway outside the restaurant. The only difference was ours had the hot drinks and deserts and a comfortable chair.

The picture above was taken across Krustyland, it’s the new Simpson’s attraction that opened up last year. Click here to see other pictures.


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