afternoon walk

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F4 1/200 sec ISO 200 100 mm (click picture for gallery)

Yesterday, it is technically yesterday because it’s passed midnight (eastern time), I was alone at home since my wife had to work and my son is in Madrid for World Youth Day 2011 and my daughter is in Dover for a healing mass. I woke up around 9 AM and grabbed a quick breakfast before I did the chores my wife asked me to do. After the  chores, I grabbed lunch at Arby’s and ate it at James Atkinson Park in Washington Township.

I was in the car listening to the Raw Dog Comedy Channel in Sirius while eating my lunch. Grabbed my gear and started to walk along the path in the park leisurely with the intent to look for interesting things I can take pictures of. Damn I did not take a lot because I was selective as well as treating my camera as if it was film before I pushed the shutter. I have only six pictures to post out of  a dozen I took. I processed the pictures using Lightroom 3.

Well I could have posted this just before midnight, however, I was trying to add some Facebook Plugin in my page. I also added a flash plugin for a picture slideshow which I still need to figure out.

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