halloween at layos’

layos' halloween

layos’ halloween

I am posting this long awaited pictures, I hope, taken during a Halloween party at Layos’ residence. It was so nice for them to host it at their residence again. There was so much food courtesy of all those who attended and the host, pot luck is always best to get the party started. Also, almost everybody were in costumes.

There was also another party that our family usually attend every year, another friend’s birthday (from another group). It’s always a struggle when you are faced with such situation. I chose to go to the Layos’ since I was not able to go there last year.

I really don’t grasp the whole idea of Halloween, celebrating the ghouls and hideous. However, kids and adults alike loved it. Was it because of the treats the children get and the adults get o wear costumes and throw parties?

Above was taken in the basement where the kids hung out, In this shot I had the flash off camera and put it on the floor to get the ghoulish feel. Click here for other pictures.


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