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We celebrated my son’s birthday with a first Friday mass celebration at Infant Jesus Parish in Woodbury Heights, NJ. It was the Alliance of the Two Hearts’ first Friday and first Saturday vigil. We just brought cake and other food to share with other members who attended the vigil. My son had the blowing of the cake past 2 AM after the mass before we all headed home.

That same day, we planned to just have lunch at Minado. It is a popular Japanese Buffet place that my kids loved so much. However, we were kinda late leaving the house and opted for dinner instead. We had so much time to kill and decided to go to King of Prussia Mall. We did grab some light lunch in the food court and just strolled inside the mall. It was different from the last time we were here, there were a lot of stores before as compared to now. I guess nobody was immune to the recession.

I am not a mall person and I don’t think will ever be. Strolling inside the mall for several hours was not something I look forward to but I had to. I just asked my son to look for a sneakers for his birthday present. My wife and daughter were some place in the mall as my son and myself were just sitting somewhere waiting for them.

After the stroll in the mall, we decided to drive to Minado for dinner. It took us a while to get to the restaurant because I took the back roads instead of using the turnpike. We need to more time because we were still full from our light lunch. The restaurant did not disappoint us because the food was still good as ever. If you like sushi then go try to visit, lunch is about $20 per person while dinner was about $30 per person.  Mind you, this buffet’s different from other familiar buffet. Click here to view other pictures I have taken that day.

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