This blog is for a dear friend that I have had a pleasure to know for a few years now. I have met her through her sister, Liza, in our prayer group (the Alliance of the Two Hearts). Her name is Edwina. One word to describe her, she was strong.

Before I personally met her, I already knew that she had breast cancer and it was terminal as well. It was a surprise meeting her because other than the bandanna she wore on her head you would not know that she had a terminal illness. If she was in pain she did not show it. I have been told that she hid her pain from her only daughter, Shelby. I guess she did not want her daughter to see her pains.

I have seen her in the many events that our prayer group has had this year and the last. She had performed in a dance with other mothers in group for a birthday celebration, I believe it was last year. I saw her during the practice as well as the actual performance and boy, she can dance a lot better than her sister Liza.

I will remember her smiling face because in all of our group’s gathering be it prayer meetings and social gathering, she always wore that smile in her face. The last time I saw her was in a healing mass held in Our Lady of Hope in Blackwood, NJ. She was in a wheelchair but you still could see her smiling face despite the pains. I was told that at that time she already stopped taking medications. The pictures above were taken this year during mother’s day we celebrated at the Layos’ residence.

She and her whole family has been religious and I always saw them in prayer events as well as pilgrimage to religious places. She may be praying for healing (as we all did) or just praying to ease the pain. She accepted her pain, and despite of it she held on to her faith and did not let go.

On our way to Central Valley, PA, we saw a facebook message asking for prayer for her and then followed by a sad news that she has passed. Everyone in our prayer group was saddened by her passing but all of us continued to pray for her soul.

I know that our Lord God has plans for her, for not taking her earlier, for seemingly making her suffer in the eyes of her family and friends. I cannot question God because I cannot see the grand design, but I cannot force others to think the way I do. For me and for all of us who has known Edwina, she shared something that I know God wanted, her strong faith and conviction, her will to fight, to live our lives with so much happiness despite whatever pains. I know that God brought her to our lives to touch us and to show us something, a lesson perhaps. We may not know yet what God’s intention was for Edwina, but I know that someday God will reveal them to each one of us.

I know that this brought us grief, specially her family, but we should be thankful that her journey to see our Lord is over. Let us remember the life she lived and continue to have her in our thoughts and hearts.

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