hershey park part ii

group at hershey park

group at hershey park

We have visited Hershey Park last June after 15 years, and yet again not even a year we were back. This time around we visited the park with our Alliance of the Two Hearts  group members. It was a cloudy day that time and cold. One of our friend bought the tickets to take advantage of a group sales rate which was a lot cheaper than individual tickets.

We arrived at the park around 11:00 in the morning and waited for everybody to get in before we entered the park. It was different if you no longer have young children because they can just go around the park and just tell them where to meet at a certain time, you go your own way and the go their own. Some of us have young children and the parents needed to be with them all the time.

I went with my wife and other adults who did not ride the roller coasters. We watched the show with the seal and sea lion and just walked around the park. I just hoped that there were tickets for non-riders.

As always I just walked and took pictures, click here to see pictures.

Towards the mid afternoon, the rain poured and we just hung out at Dunkin’ Donuts near the entrance. Later we were able to get a rain date ticket as long as you can produce your ticket stub. Most people who were in the park started to head home because the rain was not letting up. See you next year again Hershey.

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