linvilla orchard

linvilla orchards

linvilla orchards

Linvilla Orchards is located in Media, PA. The place caters for birthday parties, public picnic areas, store for their produce, plants for your garden and you can also pick your own fruits and vegetables. I believe this Halloween there is a haunted hay ride or just plain hay ride.

We went there last month for a picnic and we picked our own fruits and vegetables. We got to ride on a trailer pulled by a tractor. We picked up peaches, pears, corns, egg plants and peppers. To our surprise, it costs more to pick your own than to buy them from the market or grocery store. It should be cheaper if you picked your own produce because you did the labor, I guess not in this case.

Above is the collage of pictures I took from the orchard, if you like to see other pictures you can click here or click on the picture. I did post processing using Lightroom 5 and used photobacks for the collage.

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