healing mass

our lady of hope

our lady of hope

This was my second time to attend a healing mass celebrated by Father Suarez. The first time was at Maple Shade, NJ, was it last year or the year before. And this one was in Blackwood, NJ, which was sponsored by the Filipino group here in South Jersey.

I can write things about Father Suarez but I guess I cannot do it justice. If you want to know about him, please click here.

There were a lot of people who attended the mass and you could say that the church was filled to the capacity and more. The healing began after the celebration of the mass and the other priest made an announcement on how the healing was to proceed in order to make it orderly. Well Filipinos being Filipinos, who needs a stinking line? It was clearly stated that the people in wheelchairs (who are strategically located in front) should be first then the next. There were ushers who assisted the event to make it orderly but several bunches want it go their way and have it their way instead. The nerve of such people who could not wait for their turn, shame on them.

The shot above was a in-camera panorama shot. I don’t know how many shots because I just followed the in-camera instructions doing the pano. Then did minor adjustment in Lightroom. I did not even crop the picture.

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