sinulog – philadelphia 2013

philadelphia sinulog 2013

sinulog 2013 at philadelphia

Sinulog is a popular feast in Cebu (City in Central Philippines) in honor of Señor Santo Niño (Child Jesus). This is a yearly festival in the Philippines were people take to the street in celebration of the Child Jesus.

Here is a little history about the celebration:

When Magellan (a portugese explorer) discovered the Philippines back in  1521, they landed in the island of Cebu carrying with them the image of the Child Jesus. The image was then presented to the Hara Amihan (wife of Rajah Humabon). She was later named Queen Juana after baptism to Roman Catholic Church. Other rulers as well as several hundred natives were also baptised. It was said that after receiving the holy image, it was said that she danced with joy bearing the image of the Child Jesus. Other people saw her and followed her. This moment was regarded as the first Sinulog.

The celebration of Sinulog in the Philippines are colorful and loud. People celebrate on the streets and there are dancing and lots drum beats, all for the Child Jesus. And of course, the food will always be ever present (there can never be a celebration without food).

Though the Sinulog here in Philadelphia was not as grand as the one in Cebu, but there were still a lot of devotees from all over the United States and Canada that came by bus load. One thing I noticed, there were more people last year than this year. As for next year, that remains to be seen if I will be available to attend another one.

I was able to take several shots during the event, click here to see other shots.

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