padre pio

shrine of padre pio

shrine of padre pio

One Saturday last August, we planned to visit the shrine of Padre Pio located at Barto, Pennsylvania. We planned to be there at a certain time to have a picnic as well. Unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic in Interstate 676 west bound. The estimated hour and a half drive became more than a three hour drive. Each of us in different cars and stuck at a different point in the route. We all abandoned the highway and found our way along the secondary routes.

We just thought to ourselves that we were lucky because if one of us were earlier, one of us might be in that unfortunate accident.

Along the way I noticed from a distance a reactor and I soon found out that it was the Three Mile Island reactor. The same one that had an accident years ago. From a distance it looked enormous and I can just imagine how huge it is up close.

The Shrine of Padre Pio is a homage of the Calandra family for the miraculous cure of their daughter that was attributed to Padre Pio. This priest was well known for his stigmata as well as the gift of healing. Back in the sixties, their daughter was not given any chance to live long after doctors removed her bladder after a surgery due to an illness. After their visit to Padre PIo in Italy, doctors saw her bladder growing back and the doctors were amazed and has no explanation. You may not believe in miracles but you have to visit and watch the short video of the story. They also have a museum in the shrine.

The picture above was a five shot HDR but chose to do a post process of making it a pseudo painting. Other pictures I took in the shrine can be seen by clicking here.


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