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I was in the process of cleaning up my digital files that I have accumulated over the years and I thought of  revisiting pictures I took using P&Ps (point and shoot) and early DSLR. I also have tons of scanned pictures that I may or may not reprocess.

I decided to  work on older pictures I took using my first DSLR, the Sony Alpha 200. A little bit of history for all those who wants to know how I started with this expensive interest.

Back in 2008, my daughter had a band performance in school but I did not have anything to record or capture the moment since my wife took our Sony handycam as well as our Canon PowerShot with her on the trip to the Philippines. What I did was to look for a camera in a hurry with the intention of returning after use. I chose Sony Alpha 200 because at that time the features and the price was spot on ($500 for the body and two kit lenses). However, something happened that caused me not to return it back. One night, I was surfing the web and saw the web site for FLICKR and saw my high school classmate’s pictures and one specific picture that got me interested in photography. I decided not to return my Sony and immediately I started soaking myself in photography. To date, I probably have read more photography books and magazines than all the books I have read from grade school through college combined.

I owe this passion in photography to my dear old classmate and friend Wilfredo Pascual. If I did not see his photos that time, I would have been stuck in Point and Shoot. I am not saying that there is something wrong with it, specially now a days that even cellular phones have features to take pictures and videos.

The picture shown above was the first shot I took using Sony Alpha 200 with a kit lens. My daughter was riding her bike out front, since I just bought the camera, I thought that I need to practice a little to get familiar with it. I did not know anything about JPG or RAW, or aperture, or ISO, or shutter speed, or even the shallow depth of field. I believe that the camera was set to portrait mode (well I just read that from the EXIF data, woh now I know what that means: ISO 100; F/6.3; 1/60)

I used Lightroom 5 for post processing and the onOne plugin. I guess this revisit will also be my practice to get better using Lightroom and other plugins.


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