city that never sleeps


nyc crowd

Our second night in NYC, too bad because this was also our last night. The picture above was taken in Time Square or somewhere in the area. It was amazing to see these much people at this time of night. Who could have thought that it was close to 10:00 PM on a Monday night and yet there was a sea of tourists and residents (well I was assuming regarding the residents). I guess this proved a point about NYC being the city that never sleeps.

That afternoon, Myra’s family and my daughter went to Empire State building while my wife and myself went to visit B&H. For all those who do not know what B&H, it is a store for photo and video equipment and much more. I believe this is the largest mom and pop store. They are located in 34th Street and 9th Avenue. I have been buying stuff from them online but I have not been able to see the store physically how the store looked like. My brother who lived in Washington state saw it before I did, when he stopped over here in the east coast before flying to Italy. It was a dream come true for me that day to finally see the store, however, I did not get the chance to stay longer because they closed at 7:00 PM and we got to the store 10 minutes before closing, bummer.

My wife and myself decided to just walk to Time Square to kill time because we needed so much time to meet up with Myra and company at that place. While waiting for them I regretted not bringing my tripod because there were so much opportunity for long exposure photography. Well I guess I just have to settle with what I have, handheld. I envy the other photographer that showed up where we were sitting or should I say waiting, he had his complete gear in tow. Click the above picture for other NYC pictures for that day as well as my handheld photos or just click here.

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