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tattoo artist

This is the continuation of Myra’s visit to the east coast. She and my wife have been friends forever, they always talk on the phone whenever they get a chance and the last time they met was back in 2004 when my wife flew to LA to visit her.

On their second day in the east coast,  we drove to Brooklyn, New York from Hershey Park. We just stopped by our home in New Jersey to pick up stuff. Myra was able to find an apartment for us to stay in Brooklyn for a few nights and it was also a steal. The location was great, 59th street subway station was just right outside the apartment. The drive to Brooklyn was easy, it was looking for parking that proved to be impossible (specially at that time, 3:30 AM). This is one of the reasons I do not like to live in the city. The search for parking took me more than 3 hours just to find a 24 hour parking because all the parking garages I found opens at 8:00 AM (considering that I don’t live in the area and the territory was unfamiliar). had to leave my car keys to the attendant and off the GMC Acadia to the elevator where they parked it somewhere inside that parking structure. As for myself, without much sleep from the Hershey trip to Brooklyn I did not know how I got from 15th street and 9th Avenue to our apartment in 4th Avenue and 60th Street.

I was able to catch some needed zzz’s  before we walked the streets of NYC. Myra was with her son, Dubi, and her husband, Kevin, was scheduled to arrive that morning from LA but was late getting to the apartment. I believe he caught the wrong train, Myra was worried when he did not get to the apartment on time. After all these incidents and after we all got settled, we were ready to hit the streets of NYC.

Kevin was prepared, he had all the itineraries and planned which train or bus to take to get to our destinations. It was great walking the streets of NYC and hitting the tourists spots and I would say that the city has so much to offer but I will not live there. It was a nice first day in our few day stay in the city.

That was a Sunday and I thought we would miss going to mass that day, but we were fortunate to attend a 6:00 PM mass in Our Lady of Pompeii (I think) somewhere in Greenwhich Village. My daughter and Dubi were assigned to do the readings and it was indeed a blessing.

The picture above was taken towards the end of the our day before we caught our train back to Brooklyn. We were standing in front of this tattoo parlor in Greenwhich Village and this caught my eye and I thought why not. I used Lightroom for post processing, I try not to be simple and short in my post processes. I also would not get a tattoo for a simple reason that it’s gotta hurt not to mention that it might look terrible when you are old and wrinkly. Click on the picture to the rest of day 1 photos in NYC or just click here.

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