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Last July my wife’s best friend and her son flew from CA to spend a few days here in the east. The first thing they did aside from waiting for us to pick them up at Independence Hall was grabbed the famous Pat’s cheese steak.  Honestly, I like this better than Gino’s but let’s not start something here. We showed them a few landmarks in Philadelphia afterwards before going home across the bridge.

The next day we drove to Hershey Park. I guess they wanted to see where and how the chocolate products from Hershey were made. It was about two hour drive to Hershey from our place. They built a whole town around the Hershey factory, who could have thought how big that place is. There were a lot of additions in the park since last time we were there. My daughter was just about two years old and now she’s seventeen. She was afraid of the mascots then, just for fun she posed with a mascot for a picture.

I have not taken a roller coaster ride or any  terrifying ride in long time. I have long given that up to my kids. I believe the last time I rode the roller coaster was the Great Bear ride here in Hershey Park. I limit myself with the train ride and similar stuff. The picture above was taken on a monorail ride around the park and this caught my attention. It was a memory from the past, tearing down the old factory to build new ones, I supposed.

The picture was just processed in Lightroom 4. I like to tone down my post processing at a minimum and as long as I am satisfied with the result then it is time to stop doing more processing. For some pictures taken during this day trip please click on the picture or click here.


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