father szolack’s 25th aniversary


Eucharistic Celebration

Our prayer group was invited by Father Szolack, the pastor at Infant Jesus in WoodburyNJ, for his 25th year anniversary in priesthood last 2 June 2013. More than a year ago he opened the door to our prayer group. We learned more about him from visitors who went up the stage to talk about him as well as congratulate him. One of the guests was the newly installed bishop of Camden.

Various groups and organizations came up to give gifts and say some things about the beloved priest. Our group did a performance called “tinikling”, a traditional dance from the our country, Philippines. I guess it was the first time for them to see such performance involving dancers and two men with two bamboo sticks.

We thank you for welcoming our group in your parish. We pray to our Lord Jesus for you and all the priests in your parish. We also pray for more holy priests like all of you in the parish.


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