drive by

drive by reclining chair

What I just did, I will not recommend to anyone. I know what I just did was dumb but I was really careful when I did it. I was not tail gating and I have one eye on the road and the other eye on the camera (well I will just leave this to your imagination).

One afternoon on my home from work, I decided that I will drive with one hand on the wheel and the other on the camera. I put my camera on manual because I thought that the light will not change while I was driving. I had pre-determined the settings before I set out and I used a Sony 50 mm F/1.4 on my Sony Alpha 850.

The car speed was between 25-45 MPH because I only took the back road because there’s not much in the highway but the tail lights because of the traffic. In addition, I was not following close to the car in front of me (for safety reasons of course, to give me wiggle room just in case). What was surprising was I really did not get much decent shot when I thought I did. Much were out of focus and I realized that I need to pre-focus as well rather than use the camera’s auto focus.

I like to show the picture above in this blog because I was intrigued with this piece of reclining chair outside a store that sells items for people with moving disability. How can this reclining chair help a person with such disability move around, except to recline while watching their favorite show.

I hope that this exercise will push me to do what I have been dying to do, a 365 project. Well let’s see.


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