After our dinner at Carmine’s in Tropicana, we were invited to spend the night at a friend’s unit at Wyndham. The unit that they booked had a great view of Revel (the new hotel and casino they added in AC) as well as the Taj Majal.

Even though I had fear of heights, I setup my tripod at the balcony and it was just outside the sliding door (for fear of dropping the gears not to mention my phobia). I did a test shot and then decided to do several shots but not to be processed as HDR. I used photoshop to merge all the shots and then bring it back to lightroom and did the final process there. In lightroom, it gave me a huge range from -10 to +10 exposure, as compared to the standard -4 to +4, this method I picked up from Matt Kloskowski.

If you like to try this, just follow the simple steps: (1) shoot the scene like you would do an HDR; (2) import the pictures in lightroom; (3) select all the pictures of the scene you took and; (4) edit in merge to hdr pro in photoshop; (5) it will open up the hdr window, however, the only thing you need to do is leave it 32 bits and check the ghosting (to remove ghosts); (5) click ok and then do file save; (6) the file will be saved back in lightroom and all you need to do is process the picture and you will notice that you will have a great range; (7) process the picture to your heart’s content.


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