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For several months we have been going to either Dover DE or Hamilton NJ for our first Friday of the month vigil. For those who wants to know, this vigil is part of the Alliance of the Two Hearts reparation. The vigil starts with a mass celebration then saying the two mysteries of the rosary, followed by prayers for the children and couples. It is followed by nine offices where readings are read that corresponds to the office and the reader also share a prayer in relation to the office read, then the remaining two mysteries of the rosaries. A short break then continues with the Divine Mercy, then the Saturday Office and ends with the first Saturday mass celebration. During all these, there is a confession for all who wanted to get it.

This month, was our very first vigil in our new parish, Infant Jesus. This parish was a merger of two parishes: Saint John Vianney in Deptford and Saint Margaret in Woodbury. Early this spring we were given a home for our Friday prayer meeting at the Saint Vianney location and now we were allowed to hold our vigil at the Saint Margaret location. We felt really blessed after the months that we’ve been doing our prayer meeting in different houses of the members.

I took these pictures during our short break as a souvenir as well as practice. I will take pictures whenever I can because the more you practice the better you get. The first picture was taken outside with really low light and I had to really slow down the shutter to get more ambient light (I took one out take to get a baseline of the exposure). The second picture was inside the church. Both pictures were just given a minor adjustments in Lightroom.

the altar

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