day at the beach

ocean city NJ

Several of us planned to go to the beach, it was some sort of a send out to our college bound kids for the first time. We planned to go to Ocean City, NJ because it was suggested that it was better than Wildwood and closer than Cape May. We planned what food to bring, I guess to cut down on expenses when we get there, sounds reasonable.

We were planning to leave early that Saturday morning, but a friend called in and informed us that there was thunderstorm and it was raining down at the shore. We thought that we should not go but rather go to nearby lake or even go to another friend’s house to just use the pool. After long discussion, we just agreed that we go to the beach anyway and if it was indeed raining or whatever that we head back on home and just use the pool. It was just an hour drive anyway.

My family packed up and headed out for the beach and we got there close to noon and met up with a few families who got there earlier. It was a fine weather, it was not that hot and the breeze was cooler. Our place in the beach was setup with a decent size table for all our food and we had several umbrellas up to give us shades. Our kids went for a swim while we, adults, just sat back and enjoyed.

I brought my camera with a 200 mm f/2.8 lens and I also used the borrowed 2x extender. That’s all I shot my camera with. As you will see in the picture I posted as well as the pictures in the gallery (if you click on the picture). I enjoyed using it a lot, however, I think I need to use a monopod or even a tripod to get a steady shot because my hands were shaky, either because of the weight or they were just shaky.

We spent most of the day and left the beach to attend to another friend’s party in Sicklerville, NJ. It was a busy day for us indeed. Enjoy life all the time, I suppose whenever you can.


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