cherry picking


kids at a cherry farm

Early this summer, just about the end of this school year, we went cherry picking at Rowand Farm in Glassboro, NJ. We actually had this impromptu plan the night before in one of our get together. We got there almost mid day, imagine how hot it was. The cherry tree was not a tall tree and yet we manage to get shelter from its shade. My kids did all the picking while I tried taking pictures but it was really not great when the sun is way up there . The kids really enjoyed cherry picking or was it because they were just with friends out to have a great time.

I paid for the harvest and the kids visited the nearby strawberry farm while I waited for them in the stall where it’s much cooler under the shades. Hats off to the farmers who brave to be out in the field working hard to provide us their produce daily.

After, the time at the farm we went to eat at a newly opened buffet, Tepanyaki Grill in Blackwood NJ.

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