williamsburgVA day 7

historic powhatan plantation

This was our final day at Williamsburg, VA, for the whole entire time we stayed at the Historic Powhatan Plantation which was close to all attraction in Williamsburg. We were informed that this resort was bought by Diamond Resort International from Suntera. The units were being renovated and as well as updated up to the new owner’s standards. However, the unit the we stayed in was still the old one. I would love to come back soon and hope to stay in a newly renovated unit.

Before we bid farewell to this lovely place, we have to do the obligatory shots. If it were me, I would have came back to Jamestown rather than went to the outlet. However, majority rules. We spent most of our time in the outlet before driving back to New Jersey.

The drive back was so busy and it was packed. The navigator made us take detours to avoid traffic, however, it just made our drive much longer and we did not avoid traffic either. We used the Chesapeake Bay Brdge Tunnel in hope to take pictures, I did took a few shots and I was asked to take a shot of a couple by the pier using their point and shoot which I found difficult to get a decent shot. I took their picture using my Sony DSLR Alpha 850 and just told them that I will email the pictures to them, which I did yesterday.

Back home safely and back to the grind of things. Well a friend told me that the hardest part after the long weekend was the first five days.

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