williamsburg VA day 6


As our vacation is nearing its end, we were taking it slow and just planned to visit Jamestown. Well, they said that this was were America was born. Last 5 years ago they celebrated the quadricentennial of Jamestown and I have heard that the queen of England was there for the celebration. I could not imagine how crowded the place was with tourist, locals and security.

After lunch, we drove to Jamestown and it was so hot and humid. It was also a lot different from the first time we visited the place back in 2005. The whole place was improved with a huge indoor gallery which by the way has a no photography allowed. You can take pictures but not inside the gallery. I think that if you go through all the videos and displays inside the gallery, it may take you most of the day and there’s still the outdoor settlement ground.

The last walking tour was 3PM and we decided to wait for, this proved to be a big mistake. Our tour started and we were just walking through the Powhatan village and we received a warning that there is a thunderstorm approaching the area. All of the tourists and the actors and actresses were let inside the gallery to wait out the storm. We waited and waited and even continued going through the gallery, but the storm was not letting up. By the way if you want to save money, buy combined tickets for the Jamestown and Yorktown.

After an hour or so, they decided to ask for refund and got half back. I run back to our car and drove back to pick them up. We went back home and they suggested to just watch a movie, Batman.

The picture above was taken in the lobby just outside the gallery. I guessed because of my boredom that I looked up and saw this chandelier. I positioned myself directly at the center of the chandelier and dialed my camera settings and took two shots with the same setting. I chose this one because it’s much sharper than the other. I only did a minor adjustment in Lightroom 4 and cropped it a bit.


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