williamsburgVA day 5

williamsburg winery

Five days into our vacation and they seemed to taking it slow. We, minus the kids and Tita Precy, went to wine tasting tour at Williamsburg Winery. You cannot beat the price of $10 per person that includes the tour and wine tasting (consisting of nine select wines) after the tour. We also got to keep the wine glass afterwards.

There was so many things into wine making and who would think that it’s so complex. Well so much for that and let me tell you about the wine tasting. We had a chance to sample 9 wines and I have to really spit out one. I don’t know what it was called but I just cannot handle the taste. I acted like I know how to taste wine by swirling it first then smelling and afterwards taking a sip then just coat your mouth. If I liked it, I will drink the remaining content in my glass. I will eat some cheese and crackers to cleanse my palate in preparation for the next wine.

I had a buzz after the wine tasting, this goes to show that I am not a drinker. But the ironic thing was I still bought two wines that I liked.

Afterwards, went back to pick up the kids and went to spend the rest of the day back at Busch Gardens. This time we did not stay until closing because we wanted to avoid the traffic.

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