wiliamsburg VA day 4

soldier firing a musket

This day was set aside to visit historic places in Williamsburg VA after enjoying the Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Our first stop was Yorktown. We visited the indoor gallery and took pictures until I heard from other tourists that photography was not allowed. I thought they were just joking but I saw the sign at the entrance and in various places in the gallery that food, drink and photography are not allowed inside the gallery.

The outdoor gallery on the other hand was so different because it was a live gallery. They built replica structures that depicts the early 1600’s. Aside from the structures, they also have actors and actresses dressed up like they did back then. It felt like you’re walking back in the old Yorktown. They had a field demo on how they administer treatment to sick and wounded soldiers by showing the tools/instruments and medicine that they used. The also showed how to operate and fire canons and muskets.

We then drove to the Yorktown marina and strolled along the beach and took pictures.

We then drove to Williamsburg and used the historical parkway. It was scenic and I would love to go back there and just stop at every scenic spot just to take photos. We just walked around town taking pictures and did our own tour. I guess next time it will be best to join the tour to learn more about the town. What I did instead was just take souvenir pictures in low light and hand held. I used flash most of the time specially for people shots.


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