williamsburg VA day 3


water country usa

Going to Williamsburg VA will always not be complete for teenagers without going to the Water Country USA. On a hot day, who would not want to just soak in the water and enjoying the thrill of the rides while getting soaked.

The water park is the other half of Busch Gardens, so to speak, because it was cheaper to buy tickets for both. The $0.99 drink refill was good for both parks, just buy the large plastic container one time and get the refill.

As soon as we entered the park, we need to do the obligatory pose or should I say they need to do the obligatory pose while we take the pictures (Carl and I). After that we looked for a place to park our stuff, while the young adults with their auntie went and enjoyed all the rides.

I did not take much pictures using my trusted Sony DSLR Alpha 850, instead I parked my camera in a locker and used my water proof Kodak camera instead. Still I did not take much pictures but took a few videos while enjoying watching their rides and mine.

Towards the end of the day, while in the lazy river ride, I found out that my Kodak camera was opened. I do not know for how long has it been opened but I know that my camera was done for. Yes, I tried the rice in a zip lock bag but did not work. On the brighter side if there is such, I was able to retrieve the pictures and videos I took (however, I only selected a few worth posting, click the picture for the gallery).


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