williamsburg VA day 2

the griffon

This was day 2 on our Williamsburg VA vacation. My wife’s cousin and her family arrived last night to join us. The first thing in the agenda was to get our children to the theme park, kinda like to get this over with before we hit the historic spots.

This was our second time in Busch Gardens and I have to admit that I liked this better than the other theme parks I have been (Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney and Six Flags). I have to ask my wife and kids if they like this better than the theme parks in Orlando FL because I have not been there yet.

For those who has not visited Busch Gardens here is a short description: the park is divided into countries like Germany, Italy, Ireland and I think France; and in each country they have different attractions, rides, shows and food; the park caters to old and young as well as for none riders and extreme riders.

Since I no longer ride, I was just taking pictures of people riding this awesome roller coaster. I was very fortunate that I was able to take this picture with my children with their auntie and cousin. Since I don’t have any means to know when their turn was, I took lots of pictures and went through each one during the post process to check if I got them in the shot. I also decided to create this collage to show the perspective of this ride. Click on the link to see more day 2 pictures as well as day 1. Thanks for visiting.

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