divine mercy shrine

This is one of the pictures I took when we went to Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA last April of this year. The bus ride was about 5 hours going and a lot longer going back home because our driver was so confident in taking the back roads and got lost in the process. Well I gave him credit because he was able to avoid the New York bridges, thus, avoiding the NYC traffic.

This sculpture caught my eyes, I saw a lot of people having their pictures taken in front of a tree and when I checked it out there was Christ’s carved image. Since there were a lot of people I told myself to stop by before we head back to our bus.

A lot of Catholics visit the place every year for their religious pilgrimage to this place. During the homily of the Bishop, he mentioned that doing the pilgrimage was all good, however, we should be more concerned of the things we do in between the pilgrimage. We should walk the talk all the time.

In the past several years the Catholics are being crucified because of the scandals in the ranks of the Roman Catholic religion. Some may true and others may not be, but just the same there were priests indicted because of wrong doings and covering up such actions. Yes, it was very scandalous and humiliating for the Catholic religion, however, such acts were done by a handful and certainly does not represent the entirety of the Roman Catholic Church. We are all humans and we are weak, the less faith we have the more weaker we get. This is true whether you are the pope, bishops, cardinals, priests or even just a simple church goer. This is the reason that we pray and ask for grace to help us walk through the valley of shadow of death. If we are weak such happens, if we are strong then we avoid such weaknesses of the flesh.

Mind you such scandals are not only exclusive for the Catholics, others have their own scandals but the Catholics are much of a bigger target.

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