I was checking my blog and saw this unpublished post from May 2012. The pictures were taken in one of our Gloucester County Photography Club meeting. Our club meets every 3rd Wednesday of each month and we discuss various topics as well as activities. On this particular day, we met at Auletto’s catering for a photo shoot. There were two models and we had two shooting stations. In my station, i used two saberstrips with Yong-No flashes on light stands.

I used a cross lighting to light Sage. I believe I had the flash power set to quarter. Also, in the picture shown above the other photographer brought out his flashlight and lit up the model’s face while I did a quick shoot. My camera was in manual and I had to take a test shot then retake again after I made the necessary adjustment.

I did some post processing in lightroom and used photobacks templates.

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