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I was going through my files and saw this picture I took in 2009 at Sam’s Club gas station. The price was just $1.619 per gallon, imagine what three years can do now it is at $3.679 per gallon. More than a $2.00 increase, wow! When I first arrived here in the states the gasoline price was just under a dollar. Let me compare the price from when I arrived here up to 2009 and then from 2009 up now. The jump was way under a dollar in 8 years where as for just the past 3 years it climbed to almost $2.00. Does not make sense the increase seems like logarithmic rather than linear and that is really scary. I am not going to directly say it but it seems like the current administration is driving the country to the ground, I hope not.

But then again it is not only here in this country but all over the world except the Middle East.

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