A Chink at Chink’s Steak

Last week my buddies and I went to Philadelphia to get some cheese steak for lunch. Mike lives in Philly and knows this place, Chink’s Steak. This has been its name since it first opened 40 or some 50 years ago. The owner was I guessed nicknamed Chink, hence, the name Chink’s. However, when it was bought recently, the new owner never changed the name and the funny thing happened, an old lady who I believe lives in the area complained about the name because of racial tone. It is really funny because nobody complained for the last many decades that it has been opened and I guess neither did this lady, who I believe is an Asian.

Our plan aside from eating lunch in the area is to get our pictures taken. By the way I am Asian with chinky eyes and my other colleague is the same. The other two are Irish American and Jewish American. We were thinking of racial slurs that we can use for them for fun. It is amazing how words can use to demean a person or a race. Racial slurs cause tension among people, cause a lot of issues morally and legally. But are we just getting too sensitive with all these, there are a lot of more demeaning words or insults that are out there and they are but words. Words are just words and regardless of how they are used or how they mean, they are still words. There is a saying “sticks and stones can break my bones but not words” is that right. I also think this is all because of the time we live in, we us a people are getting overly sensitive with all the things we hear or read and we get easily offended. People sue because they get slandered, people kill or hurt somebody because they said something they don’t like or they got insulted, people take a lot of pills because they get depressed because of what others say about them. Would you rather be punched in the face of let somebody insult you. Well personally, I’d rather get insulted than being punched. I have already a face only a mother could love and I will let another person make it even worst, no way. I’ve had experiences of being insulted in my everyday life and I did not let that get into me, how, I did not pay attention. I only kept the nice and kind words and flushed out the bad ones. Not easy but I’ve had a long experience. The trick is DON’T LET IT EAT YOU OUT.

Well about the restaurant, the steak is decent but I would like to go back there again because the waitresses working there are really lookers. I am not going to rate the food nor the waitresses, I will leave it all up to you. You can check their website by clicking here.

This picture we took after lunch. A chink posing under the Chink’s Steak sign, the other chink took the picture. The only regret is not taking the pictures of the waitresses, I should have. I guess I have another reason to go back.

Oh and by the way, this blog is in no way shape or form written to insult or demean anyone from either side of the fence. If you like to give learn to receive as well. If you want to throw insults then don’t get mad if get them back.

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