lunch buddies

lunch buddies

Remember when we were in school? I guess for some it’s just like yesterday and for others it’s been really a long time. What we anticipate more in school is the lunch break were we get a break from teachers or classrooms, but most specially hanging out with friends over lunch. Then looking forward for that bus ride home. Funny, work is almost like that. Some of us takes a bus while others drive their own cars to work and sit in cubicles or their offices then hang out with coworkers during lunch. The only difference is that now we have a lot of lunch choices whereas before we have to deal with lunch cafeteria or what our moms prepared for us.

Featured here are a few of my lunch buddies at work. Well sometimes we work during lunch because we still talk about work and on other times we just shoot the breeze. Well, personally this has been relaxing because of being cooped up in front of a computer while eating lunch or working through lunch, this has been relaxing and energizing. But then again, there are times when you over eat, you tend to get sleepy and likes to get a snooze or siesta (kinda envious for people living in Spain).

This picture has been taken in one of our lunch break, impromptu, and to try out my newly purchased grid for my flash. They did not pose and I did not actually tried hard to snap the photos. I guessed the power on my LumoPro LP160 flash and the settings on my Sony Alpha 850 using a Sony 50 mm F/2.8 lens. One of these days I am going to take time to take pictures of all my co-workers.

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