mhcc kids at six flags

six flagsAugust of this year was so busy: my son went to World Youth Day in Madrid for two weeks; then drove to Boston and Maine (during Hurricane Irene); and then joined the MHCC (Mary Help of Christians Crusade) kids at Six Flags in New Jersey. My son has to do a lot of stuff for his college applications but was not able to focus because of these things. However, this blog is not about that but their day at Six Flags.

There were about 20 kids, several Single Third Orders and three parents on this outing to Six Flags. We planned out how the parents and the third orders were going to divide the kids to accompany them, but dealing with kids that was impossible. We sort of arranged three groups because of the parents but ended up with one big group in the end. Some kids want this ride and the other kids another ride, but in the afternoon after lunch they all kinda go to the same ride. It was pretty chaotic in a good way, it was nice being a kid again and enjoy the day.

I got to sit in a bird show while they were in a ride and I was able to do some shots, which was a win-win situation. Though, it was tiring for me because we just arrived from Maine the previous day and that day was spent walking and following the kids in the park. Come night time, around 8 PM, we decided to call it a day and head on home. The kids, of course, did not want to go home since they wanted to ride more and specially the new Green Lantern ride just opened.

Well, the parents won and left the park. However, instead of driving home we went to a friend’s house for some get together and dinner at the same time.

Thank you Ate Carmel, Ate Jenelle, Ate Meghan, the Kambals and Kuya Sanger.


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