fameco private party at hard rock cafe philly

hard rock cafe phillyMy friend and I went to Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia last Wednesday, 12 October 2011, to cover a private party for FAMECO. If I am not mistaken FAMECO is a real estate company based in Pennsylvania, however, don’t quote me on this I just googled the company and I might even be wrong that they are a real estate company. At any rate we did this shoot from 7 PM to about 9 PM. We were tasked to take the usual snaps with assortment of candids.

The place was crowded and it was difficult to move and shoot. We were given black Hard Rock Cafe tees, I guess to make the guests aware that we were taking pictures for Hard Rock. Well, if the management of Hard Rock reads this, just make us the official photographers for all the events and we will be glad to accept. I hope that they will like the pictures we took first and foremost to be even be considered.

My gear of choice is of course my trusted Sony Alpha 850 with Sony 50 mm F/1.4 lens and Sony HVL-58 AM for flash. My camera setting was ISO 200, F/4 and F/5.6, and shutter speed of 1/10 or 1/20. Well I should have increased my ISO to 400 to double my shutter speed, but I like to use the native ISO to get a crisper shots and not to mention the effective in body stability control of Sony Alpha 850. Probably next time I will use an aperture of F/8 to get more depth of field and an ISO of 400, with this setup I can still save battery life the same way I do on an F/4 setup.

Hope you like the pictures in the gallery and leave a comment so that I would know if I did a good job or did not, I will take those to improve my skills.

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