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My in laws live in Baguio City and I work in Manila, the distance between is about 180 miles. The average travel time is about 5 hours depending on traffic. My wife went to live with my in laws a few months before her due date and I came up to visit her and my unborn son frequently. On her last check up with the OBGYN, the doctor said that she’s already in labor but she did not feel it yet. I thought that day was just a visit and then the next day I had to go back to work, however, it was not so.

18 years ago minus one day, we strolled the famous Session Road after her OBGYN checkup and grabbed something to eat before going home. Around 10 PM we had to bring her to the hospital and alerted her doctor. We did not spend much time in the labor because at 12:30 AM my son was born. I cannot describe the feeling of becoming a father, it was the most amazing thing a man could ever feel. I was so excited seeing him so fragile and small. To think that blood grosses me and I was inside the delivery room with them. I did not hold him that time because I was afraid that I might break him.

My life changed even more after that. No longer I live for myself and my wife but I need to be always there for the most precious gift God has given me, my son. Though, I have mixed emotions leaving them because I have to return to work after I used up my paternity leave as well as vacations. At work, my thoughts were always with my mother and son. How I missed them so and could not wait to get to see them again.

My parents were so excited to see their first grandson. He brought us so much joy in our lives and we’re looking forward to get home from work. My parents spoiled my son so much that they brought him along with them at their work. Bought him a lot of things and every weekend they will be somewhere and most of the time I was at work.

I missed my son growing up since I had to spend most of my time at work even on weekends just to provide for them. But when he’s gotten sick, I stayed home and tend to him. While writing this, I can still picture him when he was still small and cute. Now, he’s taller than me and I know he’s ready to take on the world by himself and yet I still like to treat him like a child and needed to protect him all the time.

I guess, the reason why we migrated here to the states was because of my family. I needed to get closer with my family, I needed to provide for them better, and I could not do both in the Philippines. I get to work and spend more time with my kids. My life here became more balanced with family and work. I got to see him sung and danced to the Back Street Boy’s songs.

I always attended my son’s school activities and would never miss it for anything else. He does well in school despite the fact that like me never put much effort to it, i guess like father like son. He plays the second chair saxophone in the school jazz band and does not like to play the first chair, only he knows why not. He’s not an over achiever, I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but he’s one of the top 15 in his graduating class. Pardon me for boasting about my son but I am just proud of him and nothing more I would ask other than him to finish his college and to make his life better than what I have.

The memories of him growing up, the pictures, the videos, I will treasure forever. Whenever I get angry at him I will just have to remind myself that he’s the same fragile child from years ago. By this time next year he will be in college and it will bring him different experiences to prepare him for the world, but he will always be my little boy. Happy birthday son


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