trip to maine (running away from irene) part 2

boston harbor pylons

ISO 200 F/11 1/250 second @ 50mm

After spending a night in Boston last 25 August 2011, we were preparing to check out and head out to see the city since yesterday was not enough. That day was not doing so well either since it took us a while to check out. We grabbed a late breakfast, around 10 AM, and we were discussing how to tour the city on a limited time. We were choosing between the duck tour or the trolley tour, and we thought that the duck tour was better because we will be able to see the city and the harbor.

We went to the duck tour after breakfast and only to find out that the wait time for the ride is around 4PM which was not good because we still need to drive up to Maine that same day. We were still wanting to see the city so bad despite of the short time we had, hence, we went to the trolley tour instead because the timing was good and there is a bonus of a free harbor tour just the same.

The bus tour was better because we were able to get off on each stop to enjoy the scene and then get on to another trolley. However, we were not able to do that since time was not on our side. We just stopped at the pier to get on to the boat tour of the harbor then get on again to see the remainder of the city. Yes, we just saw boston from inside the trolley and learned about the city from the tour guide who was also the driver. We just found out that more than 70% of the city was reclaimed, the bus driver/tour guide showed where the old city ends and starts as compared to the rest of the new city. Our driver/tour guide also informed us that the population of Boston increased by 200,000 during school season because of the number of schools in and around the city.

What hits us by far is that the city smelled better than New York and we did not see any homeless people loitering the city. The city also has a network of undergound roads which our guide informed us that it may present difficulty for new drivers in the city. Like New York there was a problematic area in Boston, the main artery that leads commuters south to Boston, about 3 hours drive time to get out of the city.

Our short stay in Boston gave us some sense that we may be coming back for more of it. Personally, I would like to live in Boston rather than New York, I don’t really care what others are saying about New York City but there is something magical about Boston. After our trolley tour my wife decided to stroll the mall in the Prudential Center before we drove ourselves out of Boston and on to Maine.

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