trip to maine (running away from irene) part 1

slow shutter

view from our 8th floor hotel window

Last 25th of August 2011 we drove to Boston, Massachusetts on our way to Maine. The drive to Boston was a bit boring because it was traffic in New York and it was just a nightmare, who ever wanted to drive through New York everyday? Was it because of the road design or was it because of the drivers? No matter, more than an hour to go through a bridge was not fun and definitely not an everyday task.

After we passed New York the drive was a bit better, back to normal speed. It was raining that day because of the impending hurricane Irene on the way to assault the east coast. Frankly, we took the trip not even minding the hurricane on how was it going to affect the area. My wife planned the visit to her friend and that was all there was to it. Packed the small Ford Focus SE 2011 for the trip and it was enough for the luggage and great with mileage, I believe it was about 35 miles to the gallon of the combined traffic and highway drive.

Upon our arrival to Boston, I noticed that structures were built on top of the highway literally. The traffic pass through under the hotel which was a bit odd. Checked in at Crowne Plaza Hotel that was going renovation. We rested a bit while my wife was going through some tourist attractions in the area. We set out and went to the Prudential Center and went up the skywalk. I need to tell you that I do not go well with heights and I do not know why. Up in the skywalk my knees were a bit shaky and feels like the floor was shaking underneath my feet. Not to mention that an earthquake shook the east coast just a few days ago.

I did not even go near the glass window to look down because I knew that it was just not possible for me. I was taking pictures about eight feet away the window ledge. As evident from the pictures I took seen on the gallery. The lens I took for my Sony Alpha 850 was a Sony 50 mm F/1.4 lens and probably regret because I did not get a closer picture of Fenway Park. I was with my daughter all the time where as my wife and son were doing the audio tour.

We spent most of our night at the skywalk and then just drove around the city and went to Fenway Park. The park was not that big and it was not attractive as compared to other baseball stadiums. Was it because it was just night time and there was no home game? That night the restaurants and bars were not packed, however, I noticed that they are open literally (no windows because you can just walk through it to get to your table or the bar. After, we grabbed dinner at Bertucci’s near our hotel. The pizza in the picture was pizza verde and it was incredible. Back at the hotel, I just realized that the drive in Boston was not as bad compared to New York. Traffic flow in the city was a breeze and I did not see any homeless people roaming the city streets. The smell was fresher as compared to New York. Not that I was biased or something but I was not never a fan of New York and I cannot explain why.

I used on camera flash when I took the shots in the skywalk and I used off camera flash (naked) in the hotel room shots. I could have used an umbrella or softbox for the hotel room shots, however, when the subjects were always in a hurry that will be impossible to do. I did not even use a light stand, well I used voice activated light stand. The blog photo was tough because I was shooting through a big window that cannot be opened, hence, it was imperative that all room lights are off to minimize light reflections. Also, during this shoot there was a thunder storm across the horizon and I was able to accidentally capture one as can be seen in the gallery.

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