the hangover

Labor day weekend, my kids went to Selbyville, NJ and left Friday night. My daughter went with Hazel and my son went with Ronald. My wife and I will follow the next day after her shift. This past week alone has been tiring because of driving, we just drove the other week to Maine and back and then this weekend driving to Delaware. I still am way delayed with the pictures I need to check and process starting with my son’s trip to Madrid for the World Youth Day 2011.

I thought I would be able to make a headway after the Delaware trip, however, it proved that it was not possible. Why, go on and real along? Well, upon arrival at Selbyville at Belinda’s timeshare house (which by the way was too big) we ate dinner and rested a while and grabbed a few beers. I then setup a tent outside because I like to try to sleep out since it was a nice weather. I also grabbed my camera gear and took a few pictures of my friends using one light. It was difficult to focus because of the lack of light, Sony Alpha 850 had a difficult time focusing, hence, I employed the aid of my friend, Eugene. It really was easy if you have somebody to assist you, thank you.

After the shooting, I then went back to drinking wine. I did not sit down for a long time since I have my own method of drinking. I don’t like to sit down because I would never know when to quit because it’s difficult to know that you are already drunk sitting down (based on my own experience). However, later on I was offered a seat and the mistake was taking it and sitting down. Then I noticed that my lips got looser and I was talking a little bit too much. I never intended to drink to much because I never wanted to get drunk and the same reason I don’t smoke because I don’t like the smell.

Well needless to say I roasted myself. I may have said things that I should not have said but Oh well, what can I do. Looking back, I did not regret things I said because they were no way embarrassing (well my point of view), however, may be misinterpreted. I believe I just blurted them out to prove a point, how I was and still am committed to my marriage. How you will be confronted with obstacles like temptation and still could hold on to your commitment, in which I am proud (but not in a boasting manner) to say that I passed with flying colors.

Having said all these, I ended sleeping in the tent and taking a couple of head popping events just outside the tent to relieve myself by throwing up. The only thing I remembered was the color of red because of the wine with lentils which are supposed to be green but were not. The next day, I had a terrible hangover and was not able to drive as well as eat or drink anything. That went on up to the night which I was only to manage to eat a few bites before going to bed early.

It was nice that Monday was a holiday and gave me time to recover. I was able to get back to my normal routine but still not a 100%. I was just lounging and watching Top Gear and Chopped. Hopefully, I could get back to my task and get caught up with my pictures (of course after all my household chores are done).


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