sunset at red bank battlefield park

sunset at red bank battelfield park

ISO 200 F/18 1/250 second (click picture for gallery)

This past week has been troublesome for most of us if not for all. Last week we had an earthquake, magnitude 5.9 on the richter scale, that has an epicenter somewhere in Virginia. The east coast shook for a good half minute and caught the easterners off guard because this has never happened or it did but not experienced by this generation. No major damage has occurred which we thank God for that.

Then, hurricane Irene came and left the east coast battered with casualties. It was very irresponsible for some to belittle the hurricane because for others it left with so much more like loss of life and properties. We should be thankful that it was not as strong or devastating as forecasted.

Before all these events happened, I picked up my son at Philadelphia International Airport from his two week trip for the World Youth Day in Madrid. I was glad that he and his companion arrived safely with a lot of stories to tell, pictures and videos from his trip will be posted on a later date (after I do some minor edits). The first thing my son asked was a burger from Bobby’s Burger Palace in University City. On our drive home I received a call from Eugene and invited us to go to Red Bank Battlefield Park and to shoot some sunsets. I only used one strobe with shoot through umbrella on a light stand. I was just beginning to warm up when we were told by the park ranger that the park is closing, bummer.

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