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Last Sunday I was asked to be a godfather to wonderful baby boy, Ezekiel, who was born from a good and kind parents (not because they are friends of mine but they really are one). Little that a lot of people asked to be a godparent knows that it is not an easy task. It is not about attending the celebration and giving gifts on special occasion but it is something more. As a godparent, the parents of the baby is trusting you to be the proxy parent when time comes. The godparent acts as a responsible model  like parents to the baby.

In the Philippines, where I came from, there are several sets of godparents, I honestly do not know why but just speculate. I have one set, however, my son and daughter have several sets. Our reason being is that I have my own choice as well as my wife as well as our parents. I am not saying that it is good or bad but I guess if you look at it this way, you have several backup for the backup parents. Kidding aside, it has been a Catholic tradition in the Philippines to get several sets of godparents that are close to your family.

Here in the United States, only one set of godparent is needed and acknowledged by the church. However, for Filipino Catholic families there are others who are asked to be godparent, though not listed but by principle they are. I guess one cannot do away with tradition that you have grown up and gotten accustomed to for a long time.

It is fine to have this tradition and all but let us understand the origins of baptism. Different religions have different views and practices but I can only talk about the Catholic baptism. It was first read in the new testament when Saint John the Baptist was baptising people in the Jordan River. Christ was also baptised by Saint John in the river even though he said that he was the one who needs it. Baptism is a Catholic sacrament that initiates a person. It also purifies the individual from the original sin from Adam and Eve. It is also where a person is given a name. Baptism is given at any age for individuals seeking it, however, for babies they call it Christening which is basically the same thing.

Baptism uses water as a symbolism of washing away the original sins that separates us from God. Individuals are submerged in the water either full immersion or half, but the most common is just pouring of water three times on the head of the candidate. The priests also baptises in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In the Philippines or Filipinos here in the United States, baptism is a big celebration, it is a feast. In deed it should be not only by serving food but a spiritual celebration for the individual getting closer to God and uniting with Him.

Since I was one of the godparent in this celebration I was not able to take much pictures except the ones in the gallery. I took all the shots using the available light in the church and no fill flash.

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