salt and pepper

ISO 200 F/9 1/250 second

Did you ever see one without the other? If you see salt, you will definitely see pepper or the other way around. It is really a kitchen marvel! Wherever kitchen or restaurant you go to, you will always see salt and pepper.

Why can’t couples be like them, inseparable. We have seen our share of marriages falling apart because of several reasons: financial; unfaithfulness; children; grown tired; incompatibility to mention a few. But why do they fall apart? Didn’t they start being apart and becoming inseparable at some point in time, why chose to be together then just decided to be apart. A lot like salt and pepper, they were apart but once they were put together they became inseparable. I could be wrong in this analogy, but hey, this is my blog. You can either go to other sites or just give it a few and write some comment to stir up the pot.

Our marriage is not that smooth sailing from the get go neither our journey to our 19th years of being together. We have our shares of bickering, share of ugly fights and lovely times together. Most of our trouble stems from financial issues and plainly misunderstanding. Our fights are countless and neither one of us bothered to keep tabs. But why are we still together, compared it to most marriages out there, theirs will be over in just two or three?

I always think of it as salt and pepper, they are different and yet they complement each other. My wife has her own opinion and I have my own. Our opinions might not be always in line but that is the beauty of it, they don’t need to be the same. Just like salt and pepper, you don’t dump the whole thing in your food but rather just a dash at a time. Balance. There is no point in putting both at the same time, and have you seen anybody using salt and pepper  at the same time? Opinions need to be used in the same manner one at a time and then check, you know what I mean.

Acceptance, it has been accepted that salt and pepper are the basic seasoning there is and it is a lot like marriage. If either one cannot accept then why join in the first place. We marry for different reasons and most if not all ended before it even started. If all marriages begin like salt and pepper, I guess separation and divorce will not even be in the vocabulary because of the basic thing, acceptance and the basic seasoning there is LOVE. True love endures. When you get in to fights and when you feel down and out with your spouse, just think what is the reason you marry in the first place and try to think of the happiest moment together.

I guess it is now time for me to talk about this picture. I shot this at work during my lunch break. There is this set of salt and pepper on the glass coffee table lit by two windows on a sunny day. I went to my car and grabbed my light stand and mounted LumoPro 160 at 1/32 power. I also used a Blackwrap to make a snoot to contain the light. I killed the ambient by using the maximum sync speed of my camera which is 1/250 second. Since I cannot make my shutter faster, I have to dial down my aperture to F/9 using ISO 200. I like to somewhat use another light to make a cross lighting effect to separate the salt and pepper from the background but when I saw how it looked from my camera’s LCD I was satisfied and much more break is over.

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