intervale, NJ

lake intervale

ISO 200 F/2.8 1/400 second (click picture for gallery)

My wife made a plan last June with her friend, Rosemarie, to meet at her sister’s house in Intervale, NJ. It was close to Parsippany and it was about two hour drive from our house. Thank you GPS, without this handy gadget that made the drive easier. The area was close to a lake and the neighborhood seems quiet and nice. We did not stroll the area yet because the boys need to drive somewhere to play war games using BB’s, like paint ball without the mess.

Gino, a BB gun afictionado, drove us to the site about 30 minute drive towards Pennsylvania. When we arrived at the place I could not believe that there are whole lot of BB enthusiast. They have military get-up and the equipment used was as real as the guns. Some are battery powered while others are gas and the cost varies from just below a hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The more expensive your gun, the more accurate and the more powerful. My son and I were not dressed for that and we just borrowed an entry level gun. We had a blast playing in the woods with a made up structures to use as cover.

Well, as for the girls they went to go shopping.

When we were done playing, we went back to Gino’s house. They were great people who prepared food for us before we head back home. However, Bong and I thought that we do some shooting (photography) before going home. He’s a Nikon shooter and he showed me his gear and in just a short time in photography he has had acquired cool gears. Rosemarie was a very supportive and understanding wife, well I hope I could say the same thing with my wife. Bong showed me his new Pocket Wizard Flex TTL for Nikon and it was awesome, I just wished Sony will make something similar or support other vendors to make one. I was able to try out his gear and did a several shots. While Bong was geared with flash, I did some shots using just available lights (the shots I did are showed in the gallery).

Thank you to Bong and Rosemarie and the host, Gino and family.

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