the office

the office

the office

I really enjoyed watching the series of “The Office“, and today was the last episode. I was sucked into watching this when I saw my kids watching the reruns they recorded . They suggested that I need to watch it from the beginning to understand or try to understand what the show was about.

I usually am picky watching TV series because as what Sheldon Cooper said in one of the “The Big Bang Theory” episode, “it’s a commitment”. I was glad to see the whole series because of the story or even the characters the actors portrayed. There were some stand out characters in the series but other characters actually completed and complemented the main ones.

After watching the final episode, I was hoping that it did not end. The show was about shooting employees of a paper company for reality TV. The crew followed each and everyone of the employees in their daily routine in and out of the office. The show was an attempt to give the audience a glimpse of how to create a reality show. The show was scripted well to make you laugh, enjoy and in the cry. But don’t forget about the moral that you can take away. I could say more about the series but I don’t want to spoil this for others who haven’t seen the show.

Kid you not, this is like a really good book that you don’t want to put down until you finished reading the entire book. By the way, my kids told me that this was copied from the UK version of the same title. I have not seen that one yet and I may check it out.

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