8 may 2014

lolita's balcony view

lolita’s balcony view

After dinner at Kanin Club in Makati, we dropped off my cousin Lolita in Sofitel but she told us to come up to her room. I have not seen the rooms in the hotel and honestly I did not see anything breath taking for a five star hotel, well the lobby was more than okay.

Tita Rosita came down to see us in Lolita’s room and we hung out for a while. I believe it was good to say our farewells and goodbyes here rather than at the airport. We let Tita Rosita taste the fried dinuguan from Kanin Club, she liked it. If ever you will be in Manila, please don’t forget to visit Kanin Club, I believe they have three locations: the original one was in Sta. Rosa, Laguna; and the other two were in Makati and Alabang.

The shot above was a handheld shot at Lolita’s balcony. I only did a few shots and these were the last pictures I took in this visit to the Philippines, click the picture or click here to the rest.

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