7 may 2014

manila bay sunset

manila bay sunset

The last full day of the Aussies in Manila. They invited us over for a get together before they head back to Australia the next day. We arrived at Sofitel about 2 PM and we hung out at the pool side, as always. They just finished their lunch at Sofitel and we were just in time to take a dip at the pool.

I did not like the pool so much because I don’t know how to swim and most of the time if I go to the pool I will just be on the side soaking. I had to go to the pool because I had an agreement with my cousin Charmaine that if she eats the balut (duck egg), I will go swimming. Well true to her words, last Sunday- 4 May 2014, she ate balut even though I told her that she did not have to and I will still go take a swim.

I did swim with my cousins and we tried out the pool slide, it was kind of dangerous. the way it was designed that if you were not careful you might hit your head on either side of the slide.

I did not take a lot of shots because I was enjoying myself at the pool and afterwards just a good conversation with the Aussies who will be departing the next day. At days end, we said our goodbyes and most if not all were in tears. I apologize to Bruce but I was not expecting him to be that emotional.

The above picture was another picturesque sunset at Manila Bay just behind Sofitel, you can click the picture above or click here to see the few pictures I took.

It was really a nice and lots of fun spending the time with my cousins, aunties and uncles. I know it may be years before we see each other again. I asked my Tita Sita, Charmaine and Lolita if they want to go out for dinner at the Kanin Club. Only Lolita took the invitation because they all need to pack up. Jhay made the reservation and we head to Makati. Would you believe that it was my first time to be back in Makati since 1997?

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