6 may 2014

cemetery panorama

cemetery panorama

Yesterday we drove from Laguna to Baguio City to visit my mother in-law and to pay respect to my deceased father-in-law and brother-in-law who were resting in a cemetery near Loakan airport.

The drive was pleasant specially taking the new express way, though, we got lost after we exited. We arrived in Baguio after dark and we got lost getting to my in-law’s residence. We were able to call her nd ask for assistance. We spent the night there and told her that we will be leaving the next day after the cemetery.

That following day after breakfast we head out to the cemetery and I told them that it was my first time to see the airport even though we have lived there for a very long time. I grew up in Baguio City from when I was in grade 3 until I graduated college. I guess it goes to show that I was not outgoing growing up.

The picture above was a panoramic shot of the surrounding at the cemetery. Another shot in the gallery (when you click the picture or click here) was the one of the roads leading to Baguio City. After the visit, we drove to Good Shepherd to buy some sweets to take home. We need to drive back to my in-laws because of the stupid coding (you can only drive your vehicle on certain days depending on your ending plate number). Then we called a cab to go back to the town proper to buy more stuff and to grab some lunch.

We separated when we got to the town proper to get more things done quickly. My father and I stopped by at my father’s favorite eatery. I had to leave him there because I could not eat at that place and we just met at Jollibee after he ate before we walked to Barrio Fiesta (a popular Filipino Cuisine restaurant).

Let me tell my my experience at that restaurant which by the way I will never go back to whenever I am in Baguio City. We were ushered by the hostess at a table for four where she literally has to hand wipe the table because there were hair balls on the table, I don’t know from who or what. She did not even bother to ask us for a different table even though there were a lot of unoccupied tables. Then, the funny part was I had to change my order twice or trice because the waiter who took my order came back to tell me that they don’t have this or that or the meat was still frozen. Clearly it was not the same restaurant we ate at several years ago.

After we came back to my in-laws, we readied ourselves for the trip home. We had to pick up my brother along the way because he stayed with a friend yesterday.

We stopped by the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan, we always visit the shrine whenever we are in the Philippines. There were also a few shots I took from that place.

After the visit, we drove back to Laguna but not without getting lost the second time.

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