1 may 2014



That day we have to drive to Cainta, Rizal where my cousins, aunties and uncles reside. It was a nice drive that day because it was not traffic, ordinarily it would have taken us at least a couple of hours, it was labor day. It was a national holiday.

I have not been here for more than 20 years, I no longer recognize the place. My Tita Mely and Tito Rudy have an adjoining house, it can be compared to a duplex here in the States but they were not identical like a traditional duplex. Their houses are built with concrete as compared to our wood and drywall.

They had a food prepared for us and there was a karaoke. I only had a couple of beers and I find that their beer seemed watered down. I guess I was getting used to drinking craft beers or may be I was still being cautious because I’ve been having upset stomach which started a few days ago. I just concentrated on taking pictures and having a good time with cousins. Please click the picture above to see other pictures or just click here.

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